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Bridget Rogers says:

We hired Accommodation Painting to paint our daughter's room banana yellow (which was red when we bought our house) and it looked great!  They did such a great job that we hired them a second time to prime and paint the main floor of our house after we did an extensive renovation.  They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it came to color choice and consultation.  I had signed off on the colors, and once they sprayed on the first coat, I was unhappy with the true representation of one of my color choices (not their fault at all).  I contacted AP that night, asked them to please change that color to a different one I chose, which I was positive would look better.  They were so accommodating (no pun intended) and simply went to get the other paint I chose, and changed the color of the wall with absolutely no hassle.  I was so pleased with the result and was very happy I was able to change the color at the last minute (sometimes you can't tell the whole wall will look based on a swatch)

They were clean, kind and presentable.  They were there when they said they would be cleaned up there tools/mess after each working day and above all, they respected our home and property.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone I know, as the overall experience has been a positive one in all accounts.

Brandon Chimbell says:

We were referred to Accommodation Painting thorough a neighbour who had nothing but positive things about them.  They lived up to expectations and then some.  They were extremely knowledgeable with products and finished the job in great time and with no mess.  The finished product of our finished basement was spectacular and we ended up painting our full upstairs after the basement was finished.  I would recommend Accommodations painting to anyone who wants a professional company to do any painting work.

Dave Archer says:

I've been hiring Accommodation Painting for the last 5 years to paint the exterior and interior of our houses because there great craftsmanship and honour of their word.  They are always willing to go the extra mile and take the worry off by back about getting the projects done on time and properly.

Stephanie H (customers daughter)

 I hired Accommodation Painting to paint the upstairs of my parents home and they were amazing.  My parents, for lack of a better words, are afraid of modern colors on the walls and the color consult really helped them overcome that fear.  They were extremely helpful when it came to picking colors and they were very patient when it came to my parents.  They exceeded our expectations and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a clean, polite, responsible and genuinely hard-working company.  The owner exceptionally knowledgeable!  Thank you Accommodation Painting for all that you have done & I will be sure to hire you in the future.

Mrs. Bob Pye

It has been said that the extra-ordinary has become the norm and that is certainly true for the work done for me by Accommodation Painting.  I wanted to paint my husband's office, as a surprise for him, but was very nervous to do so because he is very fussy and notices even the slightest irregularities.  Not only was the job flawless (my husband did not find a single flaw!) but they also helped me to choose a colour that I would have never picked myself but absolutely LOVE!  Thank you Accommodation Painting; I can't wait for you to do the rest of my home so it matches my husband's incredible office.  It appears that extra-ordinary is the norm for your company!

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